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Ai Matchmaking

AI matchmaking enhances networking by connecting event attendees with relevant contacts based on profiles and interests. The AI analyses user data to suggest matches, refining recommendations through continuous learning. 

RSVP Management

The RSVP management software streamline conference planning. Real-time attendee tracking helps manage guest lists and resources accurately. Dynamic attendee badges assist with last minute changes to delegate badges.

Pre-book Meetings

Attendees can review suggested contacts, pre-book meetings, and schedule appointments before the event. This streamlined process ensures that attendees can maximise their time and make valuable connections with potential investors and partners.

Event Management

We handle all facets of event management, including programme development, supplier management, branding, marketing, and sponsor management. Our team ensures a well-curated programme and optimal sponsor engagement.


The notification centre helps run events smoothly by sending real-time updates to attendees. Organisers can quickly share important announcements, schedule changes, and reminders, ensuring everyone stays informed and engaged. 

Live Data Analytics

Organisers can track CPD hours, engagement, session popularity, and networking activities, enabling data-driven decisions to improve future events. This comprehensive analysis helps tailor experiences to attendee preferences, maximising event impact and success.


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What does our clients say

Hip-Hop Artist
MyPlanner's responsibilities towards Pernod Ricard include event management. With their industry knowledge and negotiating skills, MyPlanner has managed to save Pernod Ricard considerable expense.

Lauren Ghelakis 
Pernod Ricard - Manager

Throughout the planning and execution phases, MyPlanner maintained clear and open communication channels with our team, keeping us informed of progress and any issues that arose. Their flexibility in adapting to changes and last-minute requests were much appreciated and helped us to deliver successful events.

Anderson Pillay 
ASABA - Treasurer

MyPlanner's team showed great technical expertise in hybrid events to seamlessly integrate the in-person

and virtual components.

I highly recommend MyPlanner for any event management needs and we were delighted with the service

they provided to SAFMA.

Marianne Botes
SAFMA - General Manager

Myplanner has demonstrated initiative, intelligence and creativity, but also the ability to understand and function as a productive service provider for our event.I believe MyPlanner to be an excellent event management company and have no doubt that they wil prove a valuable asset to you and to your organization.

Shakira Castle 
Old Mutual 

While working under severe pressure, they were able to complete a wide range of activities with clear communication, excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.  According to general consensus, they demonstrated a constructive spirit as well as constructive flexibility before and during our event.

Atonina Guarrella
ICA - Head of Events 


How we work

We specialise in tech-driven event planning solutions, leveraging a robust database of suppliers to tailor each event perfectly. We begin by listening carefully to our clients' needs and objectives. Drawing from our extensive knowledge and experience, we then suggest the most cost-effective strategies to meet these objectives, ensuring every event is both exceptional and efficient. 


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Your questions, answered

  • Which is the better streaming plugin for your event: YouTube or Vimeo?
    YouTube Pros: Free: No cost for live streaming. SEO Friendly: Great visibility in search results. Reliable: Supports large viewership smoothly. Cons: Content Control: Strict guidelines can affect content, only royalty free music! Ads: Potential interruptions during streaming. Limited Customisation: Fewer branding controls. Vimeo Pros: High Quality: Superior video quality and player customisation. Privacy: Better settings like password protection. Interactive Tools: Features like polls and Q&A. Ad-Free: No ads for a cleaner viewing experience. Cons: Costly: Advanced features require paid plans. Smaller Audience: Less built-in viewer base. Choose based on your priorities: YouTube for reach and cost-effectiveness, Vimeo for quality and control.
  • What is the recommended bandwidth for streaming an event?
    The recommended bandwidth for streaming an event depends on several factors, including the quality of the stream and the number of concurrent viewers. Here are general guidelines: Standard Definition (SD) Stream (480p): For a basic quality stream, you should aim for at least 10 Mbps of upload speed. High Definition (HD) Stream (720p-1080p): For HD quality, you'll need 20 Mbps of upload speed. Full High Definition (FHD) Stream (1080p): For higher HD quality, especially at higher frame rates, you should aim for 30 to 40 Mbps of upload speed. 4K Ultra HD Stream: For a 4K stream, it’s recommended to have at least 60 Mbps of upload speed. These speeds are for a single stream; if you are planning to have multiple streams, you'll need to multiply these numbers accordingly. Additionally, using a LAN line is highly recommended as it offers more stability and reliability than a wireless connection, ensuring smoother and more consistent stream quality. It's always a good practice to have a buffer over these minimum requirements to account for any fluctuations in internet speed and to ensure a smooth streaming experience for your audience. Always test your network speed at the event location well before the event begins to troubleshoot potential issues.
  • What backup solutions do you recommend for a LAN line during event streaming?
    When streaming an event using a LAN line, having reliable backup solutions is crucial to ensure continuity in case of connectivity issues. Here are some recommended backup options: Secondary Wired Connection: A second, separate LAN line from a different ISP provides redundancy and can safeguard against ISP-specific issues. 4G/5G Mobile Hotspot: Using a cellular network as a backup is a flexible and relatively reliable option. Modern 4G and 5G speeds are often sufficient for streaming if a wired connection fails. Make sure to test the signal strength and stability at the event location. Bonded Internet Connection: This involves combining multiple internet sources, such as two wired lines and one cellular connection, to create a single, more reliable connection. Solutions like SD-WAN or bonding routers can manage this setup to automatically switch between connections without dropping the stream. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS): While not a direct internet backup, a UPS can keep your networking equipment running during a short power outage, ensuring your LAN connection remains active. Satellite Internet: In very remote areas where other forms of backup might not be available or reliable, satellite internet can serve as a last-resort backup, though it often has higher latency. Implementing one or more of these solutions can greatly reduce the risk of a dropped connection and keep your event streaming smoothly, even in the face of connectivity challenges.
  • How crucial are a show caller and an event script for managing my hybrid event?
    A show caller and an event script are both extremely crucial for managing a hybrid event effectively, ensuring that both the live and virtual components run smoothly and in sync. Show Caller: Coordination: The show caller acts as the director of the event, ensuring all elements such as audio, video, lighting, and timing are coordinated seamlessly. This is especially important in a hybrid event where you must manage both in-person and virtual elements simultaneously. Timing: They keep the event on schedule, cueing speakers, videos, and transitions. This role becomes even more critical when dealing with potential delays or issues that can arise from the technical complexities of a hybrid setup. Communication: The show caller maintains constant communication between all team members, including tech crews, speakers, and virtual platform managers, which is essential for addressing any real-time issues. Event Script: Structure: Provides a detailed timeline and script of the event, including what should happen, when, and how. It guides everyone involved, from speakers to technical staff, ensuring that they know their roles precisely. Contingency Planning: An effective script also includes contingency plans for potential issues, such as technical failures or speaker no-shows, which are more likely in a hybrid format due to its complexity. Consistency: Ensures a consistent flow and experience for both online and offline audiences, which can be challenging to achieve in hybrid events without a clear, detailed script. Together, a show caller and an event script form the backbone of your event's production, particularly in a hybrid format where the complexity is heightened by the dual nature of audience engagement. They are essential for delivering a professional, engaging, and seamless event experience.

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